Are you a newbie in tech? Don’t forget these health tips!

In these times tech sector offers a sustainable job opportunity to many youths across the globe. It provides a good source of income and an option to work from home. But there’s a catch. It is not compatible with a healthy lifestyle in most cases. Work hours can vary even throughout the week thus a daily habit to maintain health also can seem tiring. Time management is crucial for everyone especially newbies in tech. If you are also thinking of joining a tech-based job or working as a freelancer or even if you are an old player following a few tips can help.

1. Stretch it out:

Since you might have to sit in a chair for a long duration it is highly likely that you can get some soreness in your neck, back, legs and arms. Start your day with a good stretch or even better if you can follow the dincharya. If not at least have a good stretch before you start working.

2. Take frequent breaks:

So now you have started work in tech, always try to take frequent breaks from the screen. Continuously staring at a screen can cause eye strain. So, try to close your eyes for a few seconds, and don’t forget to blink. This will help prevent dry eyes and fatigue.
Also, get up from your chair almost every 45 minutes and move around. This will help in promoting blood circulation and is refreshing also.

3. Avoid smoking or taking too much caffeine or sugar:

It can be tempting to get a quick smoke or a soft drink while having a work break. It gives an instant rush of energy but can be detrimental in the long run. Replace these with fresh fruits and clear water.

4. Avoid taking in junk in the name of a meal:

Sometimes there can be an excess of work and you can fall prey to eating junk or eat anything that comes in handy. We all are aware of the consequences of eating junk but we still give in because of its easier availability than healthy home-cooked meals. Try to get at least two healthy meals per day that contain vital macros and micronutrients. Taking care of our health via diet will only make us more productive as we know ” a healthy mind stays in a healthy body”.

5. Take restful sleep:

As you have just begun you are prone to overlook sleep. Either due to working till late or hanging out with friends at later hours rather than sleep. Instead, try to get enough of it for at least 6-8 hours per night. Try scheduling your work in such a way that you can have a peaceful sleep regularly. Sleep deprivation doesn’t only reduce your productivity but also makes you prone to develop serious health conditions like hypertension, diabetes, etc.

6. Find a hobby you enjoy:

Try adopting a hobby if you haven’t got any since the workload sometimes can be overwhelming for a newbie. You can go outdoors and enjoy a physical sport with friends and family. If playing sports isn’t your thing just go out for a brisk walk as some form of physical exercise goes a long way. Some employers even encourage their employees to have some time for activities other than work. These aid in mental and physical relaxation by elevating mood thus making the employees more productive.
Apart from all this, spend time with your family and loved ones whenever possible, obviously not at the cost of your sleep and ‘me-time’. Plan outdoor activities with them and eat a few meals together per week. This creates a sense of well-being as we are social animals. Good company always takes the woo of daily life’s humdrum.

In conclusion, one should remember that rest and recreation are equally important to function well and so is time management. We have a give-and-take relationship with our bodies. If you take care of your body well it will serve you well. Take care 🙂


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